the deeper you dig

I am finding the importance of fellowship and worship- being in a Spirit filled place and praising the Lord- giving Him the honour and praise He deserves-I believe a relationship is more than asking for things, and them being their to listen but also a huge part of relationships is adoration and us listening to them. God deserves adoration, He deserves to be glorified and thanked, He deserves to see and hear our gratefulness.

Such a great church and body of believers is a monday night group – Encounter, where last night Clint the young adults pastor,a great man of the Lord – spoke about challenging our hunger and relationship with the Lord.

In your relationship for the Lord can you be more hungry for more?

We should be asking the Lord for a greater hunger and in our hearts a longing for more of Him- For more of the Kingdom- For the fullness of His divine power in and through us to be seen and active.

May you live in a Kingdom awarness and allow your relationship with Lord to continually be moving foreward for what has worked before we can’t assume will always work, or what you have always done will continue to deepend your relationship with the Lord.

Bill Johnson talked about this as an easter egg hunt-when the child was young he would place the eggs in obvious spots such as ontop of a chair, in the center of a table-but as the child matured and understood the seeking of the game, he would place the eggs in harder spots such as behind the sofa or in a candel but in no way would he go outside and dig a three foot hole to burry an egg for his child to find. he enjoyed watching his children seek and find those eggs, but never hide them in places the children would never find.

As followers of Christ we should always be seeking all that he has for us, all he has given us although it may not have been revealed to us thus far- for although it is said He has made known the mysteries of His will (Ephesians 1:9) it is still our calling to seek a deeper understanding of the Lord, greater revelations, seeing Him in ways we have never seen Him before, seeing angels, seeing miracles happen. Allowing the Lord to show us things that go beyond our human understanding for most of the time we limit ourselves to only what we can percieve or what we understand rather than allowing our Spirit inside of us to show us things we would have never found by ourselves and that is the main point of being led by the Spirit-going places we had no idea were there.

Through times of heaviness and doubts- continue to read the Word even if you feel as though it is making no difference as you aren’t understanding or grasping the power of it- it is food for our Spirit not our soul. Our spirit is living just as the word of the Lord is alive and active. Don’t underestimate the power of the Lord for He goes beyond our understanding, our comprehension, Our Lord is continaully speaking and most of the time we disregard it because it doesn’t make sense to us.

All of this for me to say- challenge your level of hunger for the Lord, allow yourselves to dig deeper, and never be satisified with where you are. The Lord is a continual flowing river , don’t start building a dame -whether because of fear, insecurities, doubts or understanding- the Lord is greater than all those things. Let Him move you to a new place, a new level, you can either live life or you can live an empowered life by the Holy Spirit-recieving, working in and through the fullness of Life Christ died for.

“it is not the amount of time we are willing to wait for the Lord to direct or speak to us-it is constantly being attentive while moving foreward and when hearing the Holy Spirit speak-being willing to be obedient no matter what. it is coming to a point where the Holy Spirits voice is louder than our own soul and mind. it is learning to surrender our time to the Lord-our most valued thing in order to set our priorites straight- it is about setting things aside that we hold in importance and placing the Lord above it. we are to anticipate God’s glory-pressing in during our whole journey not just for peices of it. we are to recongnize¬† growth comes with evaulating and putting time aside to enjoy the presence of the Lord-not taking Him for granted but embracing the fullness of His Holy Spirit- being kingdom bringers in everything we do”

Embrace growth-go past uncertainites and doubts of the supernatural and unknown- let the power of Christ deminish fear and keep digging for more, for you will find the Kingdom of Heaven when you seek it with all your heart-it is a process, get in it for the long hull- Be Blessed and Discover it

“As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.'” Matthew 10:7


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