hearing Him speak

it is beautiful to realize that we all meet God differently that we don’t all come before the Lord by prayer or reading the Bible. we all meet God where we are through what we love to do.

For me, I find the moments I hear God so clearly is through writing-writing down my prayers, my thoughts, or what is on my heart. Through that, I am able to feel closer to God.

Some people it is through singing, dancing, going for a walk, maybe even being still. When do you feel God’s presence? have you felt His presence? have you sought out His presence before?

It is still vital that we come before God through all things-that we still pray, stay in His word, worship Him and love Him…but we must find the things in which we feel closest to Him and use that to come into His presence allowing Him to refresh, renew and remind us that He is truly always with us. We however, need to make time and an effort to seek Him out.

My prayer for you is that you take what you love to do and bring it before the Lord and see how He will reveal Himself to you in those ways.


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