clarity of new eyes

how do you see the world around you? what is your perspective on it all?

Everyday (I hope at least) that my perspective is changing. That I am always allowing my eyes to be opened to the beauty around me, to the seen and unseen. That I am beginning to allow each new day be a fresh start, to not fear change but welcome it, allowing what I feel I “know” to be questioned, challenged and possibly be changed and expanded.

At first I saw the world as a scary, ugly place with evil people, wrong ways and a place that would soon end. I felt as though I was living in a place just to make it to something better-somewhere I was just passing through. I saw the world as something I never wanted to be apart of, I was scared of conforming to it’s ways. I saw all the wrong and didn’t want anything to do with it.Then I became part of the world. I didn’t see the world to be either good or bad. I saw it as this is what life is-the cards I have been dealt with and I would rather live in the world then stand apart of it. I would rather not care then try to live for something I couldn’t see. I felt that if I was in this life, I was meant to live the part-to fit into what seemed to be how we are meant to live (upto the earths standards).

My perspective has changed alot since then-each season of my life, my perspective has changed. not just on the world around me but on myself. I see the world now as a beautiful place, a place full of God’s presence, love and hand in everything. I don’t see evil people, but broken people all loved by God-just as I am. No worse than one another but all have fallen into different ways, all have become lost-trying to find their footing again. I see people who all have struggles and battles of their own-all with a longing for purpose and place in life. I see a world full of potential and hope-a world in which God is reconcilling back to Himself. I now see national disasters, poverty, death, heart break through new eyes- and have come to realize it is not Gods doing- but our fallen world-ourselves. I see God as love-although I can’t fully describe His love, I can see it because I can now feel it. Life is how we percieve it- what we choose to have power over us- what we choose to do with all that the Lord has given to us. He has given us a world of oppourtunity- a place where we truly can do all we dream of doing.

His love changes persepective- He changed mine. He allowed me to step back and see the world for what it is. not as a place I am simply passing through- but as a place He has placed me in to live the fullness of life He desires. To see the beauty all around me- to recieve beauty for ashes. To enjoy the simple things and live with the company of those I love. His depth allows us to see others clearer, to see ourselves with new eyes and become more self-aware.

The more you seek, you will find. Remember through seeking-change will come, not to the world around you but within yourself.

“to change the world, one must change themsleves”

as you gain new sight, it will take time for your eyes to adjust to the changes of your surroundings- to the way you see things-the way you see yourself and those around you. It is as if you are learning how to walk with a new outlook on that which you have been seeing a certain way for so long. You will gain depth, compassion and a new sense of what life is supposed to be like, and what the world is truly meant to look like. Most of the time, change is hard, it  takes what you have conformed to seeing and brings on something you have been blind too. My perspective on life is somewhat like seasons we travel through-It is beautiful- it is full of colour and full of life. Just like fall-you begin to see old things passing away-slowly changing colours-witnessing the beauty of that change and then slowly just as leaves fall off-we let go of our old perspectives and welcome the new ones when they arrive.

may you seek a new perspective- pray to see the beauty that surrounds you- the incredible beauty that the Lord has created for us to enjoy- for us to live in and the life in which He desires us to live fully.

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