beyond myself


I smile as I begin to think about the Kingdom of God and how great He Himself is. It astonishes me and humbles me as I am reminded that God is so much more than we can even comprehend. I know I have come to times in my life when I feel as though “I’m onto something and grasping God’s mind”, “I know God wouldn’t do that because I wouldn’t do that” and what not but I have been brought to realize that God is beyond understanding. His ways are higher then mine, He is beyond anything I can comprehend. He all in himself is all knowing- I am not, and that is the beauty of laying down myself and trusting in him, especially through the moments when I question why things happen, I have to truly lean on my faith that God is good. God is merciful. and simply God is God, I am not. He is beautiful, He is limitless, He is amazing. He is love.

I have begun to see God through new eyes, I have begun to accept that although my beliefs will change,  although I will doubt, question and seek for more, my faith in Jesus will not change. As long as my love for Him is contuing to strengthen and is the driving force behind it all, then I am content with not always knowing but regardless still seeking.

I have seen the limits I have placed on God- what He would do because that is how I seen things, or because of what I’ve learned myself from reading His word and praying. Also what God wouldn’t do because I wouldn’t do those things. We cannot try to shove our thoughts, interpretations, beliefs down other people’s throats-all we can do is humbly place what we see before them, laying it all down and stepping back. It is the beauty of coming together as a community and sharing what we are learning-teaching-and rebuking and as one body moving foreward. Take everything with a grain of salt-test it-write it down and continue to seek for your own answers through His Truth. How can I say to someone what they believe is wrong but what I believe is right? everyone comes to God differently and that just shows how much greater He is then we can even fanthom. He meets each person so uniquely and different.

I find for the most part, people are offended of  someones thoughts when light is shone into areas of their lives they have tried to ignore-when in that circumstance ask God to show you why that bothers you so much. Why you are upset with what they are saying. Be willing to listen to everyone despite what they may or may not belive. Don’t seek to be right-seek for His truth-His love above all else and represent Him.

The Kingdom is not a place to be attained or a goal but a tone of mind.

our souls are like gardens-as we plant thoughts and beliefs; we water them,  allow God’s light to shine down on them grow them, strengthen them by establing roots. As they begin to be uprooted by the questions, doubts, willingness to seek beyond what we hear and  lived just because it seemed like the right thing to do- we begin to start over again. Planting new seeds, new thoughts and again seeking to strengthen our roots..eventually losing fear of being uprooted as we are thrilled with the idea of being able to continue to bear more fruit and let God garden our souls with His truth and everlasting love.




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