the sun will shine

sometimes it is hard to see the sun when there are so many clouds covering it. I find it funny how most of the time when we seek change, look for change, ask for change-when we finally get change, we run and want to go back to the familiar. We don’t truly want to be stretched, to be challenged, we want to remain in control of our circumstances. However when we accept that change and choose to let go of the familar and step into the unknown there is no turning back.

It has been a hard season of change for me, the Lord has given me exactly what I asked for-change, to be strengthened, to gain patience ,to enlarge my terriorty, to live the life Christ lived. I don’t know why I am suprised at what I’ve faced, am facing and will face, as I have asked for all these things…but then again I didn’t think it would look like this, I wanted it to be a change that I could adapt to easily, I still wanted control over most of my life-however God is showing me differently.

Over the past month of so I have learned,been stretched, and grown and will continue to mature and root myself in Christ’s rich foundation. I am learning we are to be firm in the decisions we are making, to not waver, but for our yes to be yes and no to be no (Matthew 5:37) and to live with the decisions I make. To not run from something because it is unfamiliar and different from what I was looking for, for how can we recieve what we  have never had if we are not willing to do what we have never done.

God gave me free will to choose the next step in my life, and I choose- now He is continually telling me to live with that choice I made. To continue to glorify Him through it all and even through the hard times, the challenges, the storms to turn to Him. To not feel weak because I don’t have the strength but to be empowered by the fullness of His Holy Spirit, who through Him I will recieve the promises He has promised me, that through Him I am strong (2 Corinthians 12:10), that I don’t have to be anxious (Philippians 4:6) and to continually remember He will never leave me (Hebrews 13:5).

If I can leave you with anything it is don’t run from change, don’t run because we fear the unknown and the unfamiliar but embrace it. Allow change to happen, be willing to let it change you for the best, and have hope because the sun will shine through the clouds. Life is a beautiful journey, enjoy the friends God brings along your way, don’t let others influence you but live in Christ and allow Him to lead you and be obedient to His voice. Enjoy the simple things and always smile-it won’t only bring you a cheerful heart but it will shine light into someone elses day. Don’t let others take all that God has indwelt in your heart, use it to bless them, to shine His radiant love into their lives.



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