nowhere to hide

As you’ve probably read countless times but most likely have never actually lived out or understood is

Luke 14:27 “and whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple”

By carrying our cross, we are claiming our willingess to join with Christ in the Cruxifiction. By participating in the Cruxifiction we should be prepared to be naked, to be laid bare before the Lord and those around us as we will be. The power of the cross is that, by letting go of our own crutches, the things in which we depends on, the things we use to hide behind- we will be left bare, we will be weak and powerless as God will truly be holding us in His hands. By laying our own self down, we are showing our willingness to face forsakeness as in

Isaiah 55:6 “seek God when He is near”

That must also mean that their will be times where God won’t be near to us, times where we will feel far. Through His absence, we feel “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me”

I feel it is vital for us as followers of Christ to feel that emptyness, that seperation as Christ did in order to see the importance of life with Christ and our desperate need for him in our lives. Without being tested, we would never have to see if our love for God is real or if it is simply we are inlove with the idea of Him. The idea that we can have eternal life, be forgiven when we do something wrong, and in times of need shout up a few prayers and hopefully they will be heard. Through times of hardships and trails, it will show wether we are dependant on Him, ourselves or the things we have used to hide behind.

What are some of the things in your life you hold of importance? What is something you couldn’t live without? Would you be willing to give that up for Christ if He asked you?

To be a follower of Christ it’s not what we say that truly matters but how we live, how we love and how we respresent Christ. May today you lay down your life, the things in which you hold higher than maybe even Christ in your hearts, may you lay down your own selfish desires and pick up His cross and allow Christ to work through you in beautiful ways.


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