keep calm and pray on

Do you pray? Do you understand the power of prayer? The purpose of it?

At one point in my life, I didn’t grasp the idea of prayer. I would simply pray some nights before going to sleep which most of the time, fell asleep while saying it. Looking back, how could I have not given the king of kings, the God of the universe at least a few good moments of my time? How could I have no reverence for Him? Where did my fear go? My love for Him go?

I am still learning the power of prayer, the depth of praying and how to pray. It’s not simply a time to ask God for things, or to shout up a few prayers when we need help. It’s time to talk to Him, to listen, time to worship Him and even a moment to let His Spirit pray through you.

Just as you enjoy talking to the people you love, you look forward to spending time with them, listening to them, asking them how they are doing, and we too should be doing that with the Lord. If you listen, you will hear His voice, for He is continually speaking into your heart. Have you sat silent before Him and just listened to what He has to say? Or are you simply afraid as to what He will ask you to do?

Although God knows your heart, the desires of it, what breaks it, what heals it. He is waiting for you to come to Him for advice, for encouragement, for repentance, for forgiveness, for love and for you to simply show Him how much you love Him to seek Him out for everything. He desperately seeks you to run to Him for every little thing, He wants you to choose Him.


“pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

that may sound like to much work, who really wants to pray all the time? It simply means always being in communication with God. Whether it be saying thank you for a beautiful sunrise, or for Him to bless someone who’s struggling. Let us be encouraged to talk with the Lord in all situations, not only those where we need His divine help, but even in the moments where we can simply see His hand guiding us, or the beauty in His creation.

Ask Him for understanding of prayer, and for faith to believe that whatever you ask for, He will bless you with. Keep Him you’re hearts center, so when you ask, He will have already given you all that you need to fulfill His beautiful plan. Pray, about everything. Learn to keep in constant communication with God. Seek Him through all you do, even the little things you think He doesn’t care about, He does. And in moments when you find it hard to pray, whether it’s because you are going against His will, or you are struggling, going through a hard time and have a heavy spirit. Pray through it, whether you want to or not, choose to pray and ask Him to give you your passion back to praise Him. Through the good times and the bad, praise God, thank Him for He is always good.

Stay Blessed.


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