season of change

It’s crazy how much our decisions, thoughts and lives can change in such a short time.

Last Wednesday, I recieved a phone call from Pioneer Ranch Camp in Alberta, offering me a job. Since then, I have started my new job as the new Riding Manager at the camp. My plans changed a lot since then, but everyone has helped me through it. I have made already great friends and am so excited to use the gifts that God has blessed me with to reach numerous campers who will be coming through the wooden gate to Pioneer. Who would have though after 14 years of riding that I would be using it as a ministry for the summer to share the love of Christ with hundreds of youth?

God is so good, and this summer will be stretching and challenging but through Him and His strength, may His will be done. It’s also crazy how we expect change and even look for change, however when it comes, we try to run back to the familiar. Thoughts, doubts and discouragement floods into our minds as we try to make excuses as to why we shouldn’t have accepted our new job, trip, choices etc. We might even try to find a way out and go running back to what we we’re trying to get away from in the beginning. The first couple days of being here, that is how I felt. “maybe this isn’t part of Gods will?” “I should have prayed more” “did I really want to come here?” and the list could go on, however from the support of my mom, justin and vanessa I was able to be re-grounded again and see that yes, I am exactly where I should be.

Really, think about where you are. So often, wherever we land, we try to already plan somewhere else to head to instead of realizing that where we are, we need to be all there. Whether or not it was part of Gods will or your own, you are where you are, and with that, let Him shine through you. No matter what we choose, as long as it’s glorifying to God, He will use it to bring Him the honour that He is seeking, and as long as you keep yourself open and willing He will shine through you and create doors for many to be reached. Whether or not you feel like you are where you should be, you are there, and God will use you. Re-focus yourself, and seek the Lord. Let Him renew you and ground you again in His Word and promises. You are now wherever you may be, seek oppourtunites to always be being used, don’t cut off God’s communication line, let Him use every situation, every challenge, every change, to bring the best out of it.

Remember, you are God’s vessel, you are His servant- continue to open you’re  heart and be willing to see the need around you, hands to do his work, ears to hear his voice and feet to go where He will guide you.

Even if you don’t hear His voice, He is letting you make the decision-He doesn’t always want to be spoon feeding you with milk, He wants you to start eating solid food and that being said, He leaves it up to us to begin to chew what He has already given us and learn how to continue walking in His light and truths by following His hand, no necessarily Him pushing us.

Stay blessed my friends


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