did that actually happen?

What does easter mean to you? actually what does this whole weekend mean to you?

“Easter is not big holiday or event in Korea except church. But Christian would like to share boiled eegs with our neighbors and friends. For me it is special day cuz whole Chriatians who live in our city make a big service at the big stadium! And i can feel that how we got blessed and loved by Jesus” Jina.J

“it was just a normal holiday for me. I knew that it is the day when Jesus rose from the death…but growing up and understanding what it actually means for me made it to the most happy day in my life! Jesus built the bridge to God!”-Katherina.L.

“Growing up Easter was more of a Chrisitan holiday that I participated in, but when I fully gave myself to Jesus it changed from being a tradition to a time that I can celebrate for what it really is, that Jesus came and died for all of His creation and that I am privileged enough to know it and love Him for it”- Kendal V

“At easter our family would always decorate eggs, and mom would hide the chocolate eggs and other various candies. So it was just quality family time. But dad being the pastor we’re involved with the church and were taught what good friday and easter sunday was all about. So we had good time together as a family, and remember and rejoice what jesus did for us!”- Orion.L.

“growing up i absolutely loved easter (i guess i still do) because there were always flowers everywhere and it was so beautiful and worship was so powerful and everyone is so happy because of the occasion and how amazing the sacrifice that was made, is”.-Eliana.S

It’s beautiful to be able to see how different families, people, cultures, celebrate this day and weekend. To see people come together for fellowship and a time of joy. Truthfully, I think most people have missed the meaning of what this weekend should be about, I know for me growing up, I saw it just as a  time for gifts and chocolate. I heard the stories of Jesus dying on the cross but to me that meant nothing, as I didn’t understand the power and truth that God has revealed to me now about this very significant and important weekend. As a culture we’ve replaced the cross with the easter bunny, we’ve replaced the truth with searching for easter eggs, we’ve put eating chocolate before communion and thanking the Lord for all He’s done. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against any of that. It is fun to do easter egg hunts and eat chocolate and think of an enormously large rabbit handing out chocolate..and it is great family time, but all this drowns out the truth of what Easter is, what happened and what we should be doing during these 3 days. Why as a culture have we tried to water down the importance of easter weekend? Our saviour, the one who laid down His very life for us, the perfect lamb who was the end to all sacrifices for His blood was enough to cover every person’s sin. He deserves more then us attending a church service then continuing on with our day, He died for you. If you’ve never looked into the jewish culture and the importance of palm sunday and now easter weekend I was suggest you too, as you’ll gain insight on the importance of Christ’s death in new eyes. I pray that today you will seek Him to reveal to you the truth of the cross, that you will gain understanding of the depth of His love that held Him and your sins to that cross and rejoice with Him as He gained victory of death, and rose again! How great is our God? If you aren’t a follow of Christ, I hope that you’ll begin to seek the truth of His love, that He does love you immensly, He “demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:8. And all this happened so that you can be forgiven, that you can be cleansed and purified through His blood, and recieve a new life.

“It is a good reminder to know God has this incredible love for us, beyond what we can comprehend, and it takes my breath away. It’s like how could I want to go and do my own thing when I can spend time with the God of the universe that knows all about me yet loves me enough to die for me?”- Emily.N.

“The truth of Jesus’ resurrection has become one of the most amazing realities in my life. I think that Christ’s death would have no power if not for His resurrection. God’s power was not only seen in a mighty way but Jesus conquered death! …once and for all time. THAT is an amazing truth. What a mighty and loving God we serve!  1Cor 5:55 “Death has been swallowed up in victory. Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” –Jess.D.

“As a child Easter was all about finding eggs and hoping to see the easter bunny It means a great deal more to me now. In Jesus’ death, besides the rejection from His friends and horrible torture, he underwent utter forsakenness so that I would never have to be forsaken. In His resurrection he gave me freedom, purity, meaning and hope.” Jordi.G.

“Growing up, being influenced and surrounded by a Christian community, Easter to me was a pivotal time for the church. As much as Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, Easter was even more significant because it told the ‘story’ of Christ’s sacrificial suffering for the world. It taught me to appreciate Easter and to celebrate it with a thankful spirit for what Christ did for me. Each year as I got older, Easter went from a special time in the church with special presentations to a day of thanksgiving, honour, and praise to the One who saved me even before I was created.”Jorielle.G

And as Paul was seeking “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death,” Philippians 3:1 We also should be seeking for the same understanding, same passion, same love for Jesus that we will not only accept Jesus as our saviour and the eternal life He has promised through that, but that we may pick up His cross and grasp the fullness of His resurrection, by taking part in it. Laying down our lives, the sin that holds us back, the unbelief, our earthly desires, and place them at the foot of His cross and allow the Holy Spirit, live Christs life through us. 

“Then go quickly and tell his disciples: ‘He has risen from the dead…”(Matthew 28:7) He is risen and Jesus Christ is alive today, and willing to live His life through us. He wasn’t just the Son of God, He was Our Saviour, Our Example of the life to live. May we begin today, living through the fullness of His resurrection. Thank you Lord, for you did what none of us could ever do, you saved us!

weep, believe, and sin no more – the power of Christ on the Cross. –Rachle M.

“Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty…worthy is the Lamb who was slain”

“Easter represents the only thing in life that is certain. Jesus DID raise from the dead and He DID conquer death, and therefore I will not fear being alone because I know that I have a Savior beside me that is more powerful than death!” Ali.M.

“Easter is the most beautiful day of the year because it reminds us that the God we serve is not dead…Jesus Christ is alive and actively restoring this broken world to Him by shining His love, His ever-healing love, into the brokenness.” Jordan.R.

“Growing up I thought all about the reward of Christ rising from the dead, and little about the cost. I used to think the worst thing about the cross was the torture. I now know the worst thing about the cross was Jesus being separated from God. I used to just see Jesus as my Savior, as in someone who cleaned up my mess and then I could do what I wanted. Through this year at Capernwray I have learned to see him as my Lord. He purchased my life and I owe my everything to Him. I also now see the cross as the perfect combination of God’s Justice and His Love, not just one or the other.”Trevor H.


I hope that through being able to see other’s outlook on easter and what Jesus means to them, you’ll be able to see that He is real, that He did truly die on the cross for us..Today marks the most important day, Jesus Christ conqured death, so those who believe in Him will also conqure death and the grave.

for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

May you have a blessed day


2 thoughts on “did that actually happen?

  1. Wow Vanessa…this is beautiful. I almost want to put it on my own blog, but I won’t steal it from you. Great job…you rock.

    • what’s mine is yours girl 🙂 and thank you! God is so good! hope you’re having a great easter wherever you are!

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